Feel Good Yoga 

by Robin Dale, PA-C, IA Yoga Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Feel Good Yoga has changed my life.  I absolutely love it and look forward to it every single week. 

Robin is an incredible yoga instructor and very skilled.  She always has a good positive vibe.

Malinda Richardson, Murray


This 75 minute gentle, energetic joyful Yoga flow is taught with modifications for beginners as well as more advanced Yogis. You must be able to get up and down from the floor easily for this class. Most folks donate $10 for value received. We usually go out to dinner after class and you are invited.

We focus on mindset, form, meditation, breath, getting a good workout for your ability and practice level, and some laughter too. Oldest student is 80, youngest is 15. Men also regularly attend. We have a few mats to borrow if you need one. Remember Yoga doesn't have a brain so use your own. Like all other activities, Yoga is a practice. See you there!


What is

Feel Good Yoga?

Age with vitality.   We call it Feel Good Yoga  - Vinyasa Yin.

Plan on Saturday 830am on Zoom 277-715-901 password Yogi.  It's a 60 minute $10 class that's taught for healthy Yogis.  Learn the basics of a safe practice.  Be coached as you work with your mammalian body, and calm your 'reptilian' brain.   I'm happy to gift you this class if that is what you need.

Renew with Savasana; a new-each-week ending guided meditation.   

You must be able to get up and down from the floor easily for this class and be in reasonable shape.  If you've had recent health issues have your Medical Provider's permission to attend.   

Contact me with questions:  YogaRobin@outlook.com 

I love Robin's Yoga classes.  She is a kind, patient teacher who is aware of her students various abilities or challenges. She reminds us to be mindful, to remember our reasons for being at class, and encourages us to be grateful for our experiences.  

Peggy Lindburg, Sandy 



8:30am Zoom


password: Yogi

60 minute Class

Feel Good Yoga - Vinyasa Yin.   Great for beginners MIndful movement with accomadations.   After we welcome you to  our "Sangha" a community chat and drink tea "together"  in our own kitchens. It's fun.


Prepare to be amazed wth how relaxed and renewed you'll be after class! Life gets too busy.  Feel Good Yoga helps tremendously.  Saturdays have never been better.

Joni Allen, Sandy

I was fairly new to yoga.  Robin gave me lots

of encouragement with the hard poses and 4 years later...I love it and am still going.

Janiel Zimmerman, Salt Lake City

Side effects include stress reduction,

less aches and pains, and feeling overall happier.

Olivia Rose, Salt Lake City

About Robin

Robin has been teaching Yoga since 2001 and is a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Practicing urgent care telemedicine as Physician Associate-Certified, she holds a Masters in Medicine.     


She will share her inspiration from a lifetime as a meditator and ongoing mindfulness and yoga education including a recent Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Framework 5 day course.   


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